• Master of Animal Science, University of Queensland • Bachelor of Science (Biology), Macquarie University • Bachelor of Natural History Illustration (Hons), University of Newcastle

My name is Pip and I'm a scientific illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. My academic background in biology, palaeontology and animal science inspires the major themes of my creative work: natural history, zoology, evolution and diversity.
I create scientific illustrations and educational graphics for museums and books related to wildlife, biology, palaeontology and animal anatomy. Over the years I've been commissioned to design a wide variety of creative outcomes including drawing tutorials, tattoos, logos and T-shirts.
I work with a combination of traditional mediums (watercolour, gouache, pencil) and digital tools (Photoshop, Wacom tablet) to suit the needs of each project. Every illustration begins with extensive research, which often involves collecting reference material from museums and zoos.
Do you have a creative project in need of a scientific approach? Send an enquiry through my contact form.
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